Thanks to the open and highly glazed rim (no separate, visible apertures in the bowl) there is nowhere for bacteria to lodge. This design also makes manual cleaning easier and more thorough. There are no corners and edges – features which once again emphasise the sophistication of the design.


The wall mounted Kombi solution with concealed connections and all functions plus the useful remote control.

All the spray WC’s functions at a glance.

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Right picture:
aquamano® Kombi A: the spray WC does not overlap the pan. With protective cover which makes the unit more hygienic and easier to clean.

Left picture:
Overlap: in the classic retro-fit to the existing WC pan the spray WC always projects into the pan.

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Water pressure and water temperature.    
Each is individually adjustable: water pressure in 5 settings and water temperature in 3 settings.

A warm air dryer dries without touching. Adjustable in 5 settings.

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New remote control.
The unique design transforms the remote control unit into a magic wand.

Child function.
The child function enables children to use the seat on their own – the intensive jet is deactivated; water temperature and pressure are reduced.

Heatable seat.
All of our models are made from high-strength, bacteriostatic plastic and have a heatable toilet seat.
Adjustable to four settings.

Skin sensor.

A sensor integrated in the seat prevents activation when the seat is unoccupied. The sensor responds to the skin and not to the weight.

Off button.
In order to save standby power, the unit can be switched off completely. When you do this, all settings remain saved.

Energy-saving function.
In addition, the water and seat temperature can be reduced to 32°C when the device is not in use.

High-strength lid.
The toilet lid on all models is designed to be strong enough to sit on.

DVGW certificate.
All Spannring digital bidet seats have the water-law certification in
accordance with EN 13077/1717.
All Spannring digital bidet seats
may therefore carry the DVGW-approved logo "CERT secure
connection to W540".

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Easy to clean
A protective cover on the underside has been specially developed to protect the spray arm and the dryer unit from contamination and make them easier to clean.

EM ceramic pipes.
6 EM ceramic pipes in the water tank condition the water and activate it.

Space saving.
The new patented design lends the operating unit a more slender form.
Odour removal.
A catalytic filter improves the air in your WC and enhances your feeling of well-being.
Individually adjustable.

Water conservation record.
Even at the highest pressure no more than 1.2. litres per minute are used. No other device uses less.

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